In our incoming tour Department, we serve passengers with various services as:

People from most of countries don’t need visa for arrival to Iran or can take their visa in Iran’s airports. We provide our customer a letter from the hospital that has been selected for treatment to facilitate taking visa. Also, if our customers request, we can follow their visa through our Tourism department by getting required documents.

Beginning from your arrival to Iran’s airports until your return to your country, we provide you all transportation services. In addition to flight booking of Domestic and International Airlines, there are other transportation facilities including Taxi, Train, Bus and Rental Car.

We have associated with top hotels in Tehran and other cities in different classes including 5-star, 4-star, 3-star that provide room and apartment for their customers. Regarding our clients’ necessities, budget and preference, we try to book hotels that are close to their hospital to have a comfortable stay and enjoy here in Iran. We give our customers enough information about their hotel and a case manager from IRMEDIC Health Tourism supports the customer in all steps.

Suitable communication of patients with doctors and medical experts plays a very important role on outcomes of treatment. To remove language barrier, we provide translation services when it is required. Also, we try to select those doctors that can speak with patient’s mother language that leads to a better communication.

Iran’s tourism industry is growing rapidly and is introduced as the top destination lists of major publications such as The Financial Times and The Guardian in 2015. The World Travel Market 2015 Industry Report said Iran was set to become a tourism hotspot. If our customers request, we can provide them all tourism services by collaboration with our tourism department.

Our Tourism Department: