American Hospital is a general acute care hospital with 200 beds and 62 intensive care beds. We provide healthcare services in all medical and surgical disciplines with the exception of inpatient psychiatry and translation which will be provided in the KOC University Hospital.

In addition to 20.000 inpatients each year, we treat more than 120.000 patients yearly in the outpatient setting. More than 10.000 operations are performed each year covering the whole surgical spectrum.

At the American Hospital; The services given to all of our patients’ requirements, expectations and rights are taken into account every step of the way, any type of needs, expectations and rights of our patients are taken into account every step of the way throughout the course of their care, we work in accordance with laws, regulations and principles of professional ethics and pay serious attention to our patients’ rights to their privacy, we have built a coordinated integrated system of physicians, nurses, technicians and patient representatives collaboratively working around the patient, we provide our patients with transparent and integrated healthcare services at a standardized level of quality with the support of the clinical pathway, guidance and algorithms the American Hospital has determined. We have determined a clinical road map, guidance and algorithms to provide transparent and integrated healthcare services at a standardized level of quality to all of our patients, our medical and administrative systems are constantly measured and evaluated in order to improve the hospital’s systems and increase patient satisfaction and care.


Today, the center has 22 consultation rooms, a clinical laboratory, 2 operating rooms, 8 observation beds and radiology clinic with computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), color doppler ultrasonography, mammography, bone densitometry and X-ray facilities.

The MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center at American Hospital is the first MD Anderson radiation treatment facility outside the United States that fully replicates the institution’s algorithms and standarts delivered by caregivers trained in Houston. In order to facilitate the environment where all treatments are identical to those in Houston all cases are evaluated with physcians at the main campus. This process can be summerized as “one practice model” which allows the patient to receive the identical treatment they would receive at the MD Anderson Center in Houston. All medical technology and quality control metrics are identical with MD Anderson Center.